Patrizou Construction Group are your complete construction solution, specialising in Custom Homes and Multi-Unit Developments we bring a wealth of experience, talent and passion to every project.

Imagine living in the house that you’ve always wanted, brand new and tailored perfectly to fit you and your family, everything exactly where you want it and beautifully finished in a style that you’ve chosen. This dream is the reality that we create at Patrizou Construction Group.

At Patrizou Construction Group we know that building your dream home is an exciting experience and we’ve helped many people realise their property dreams. We know that you’re placing a huge responsibility in our hands and that’s why we’re so committed to making sure we understand exactly what you want form the start. Good and regular communication is so important to us and we’ll be in constant touch throughout your project to ensure your investment delivers exactly what you require.

Patrizou Construction Group are experts in delivering the skill, cost effective methods and premium finish needed to develop stunning Multi-Unit Developments..

We’re able to handle everything from the initial planning application to the design and build of the project. We’re the calm head that you need to navigate the complexities of your new project. With experience in projects across the Melbourne region, we’ll remove the stress of the build process so you can focus on what you’ll do once the project is complete.

We’ll work closely with you to understand the goals of your project. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to lower the cost of building your development, while ensuring it is completed on time, enabling you to extract as much return from your investment as possible without compromising on quality.

We can look after the full build process from concept to completion, whether you have your own architectural drawings or require Patrizou to take on as much or as little of your project as you want including:
  • Project viability
  • Identifying and locating potential sites
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction
Our visual approach to building
To picture your future home it can be difficult. This is why Patrizou works with a group of interior designers to provide a better visual to your future home. As part of our package we can offer our clients a detailed rendering, as well as flexibility in the range of materials and finishes.
Our communication
Our honest communication with our clients is a key success of Patrizou’s service. We guarantee a 2-week response to your request for a quote or any requirements. Knowing that your always confident that Patrizou will respond to every request.

So if you’re thinking about building your own home, or you’re an investor contemplating a new development opportunity and require high quality workmanship,

call Patrizou directly on 03 9460 4224 to discuss your vision.