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Patrizou Construction Group specialise in the creation of high quality Custom Homes and Multi – Unit Developments. We are the experts in our industry.

At Patrizou Construction Group, our abilities go way beyond that of a standard building company, with a wealth of experience in custom home and multi-unit developments and with capabilities including design, planning, consultancy and construction. If you build with us you’ll have the confidence that your project is being handled by a team of experienced professionals from start to finish.

Based in Melbourne, we’ve built a reputation for putting our clients first. We work hard to understand your needs and work with you to ensure that you’re satisfied every step of the way. We’ll guide you through the construction process, from an initial consultation to handover, helping you navigate the complexity of building codes and regulations and deliver a finish that is unmatchable in quality. It’s the close relationship we share with our clients that ultimately leads to them receiving the keys to their dream project.

Our commitment to consistently providing only the highest levels of workmanship is the cornerstone of our success. This has provided the foundations from which we’ve grown and is still the key value that we live by today. We strive for perfection in everything we do and believe that this is the only approach when we’re dealing with your dreams and your future.


Patrizou Construction Group is Melbourne’s Multi-unit development and custom homes specialist.

At Patrizou Construction Group, we put the needs of our developers and investors first. Your time is important to us and we'll ensure we provide you with a solution that meets your requirements and reflects your vision. Our handpicked, highly skilled team delivers a high-quality build on time, giving you complete confidence that your projects will be built to the highest standards.


Patrizou Construction Group are experts in delivering the skill, cost-effective methods and premium finish needed to develop stunning Multi-Unit Developments..

We’re able to handle everything from the initial planning application to the design and build of the project. We’re the calm head that you need to navigate the complexities of your new project. With experience in projects across the Melbourne region, we’ll remove the stress of the build process so you can focus on what you’ll do once the project is complete.

Building you a better future!