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Our Product Focus this month is on Xtreme Timber Flooring, made by NSW supplier Havwood. Using abundant, low-cost timber, it’s treated in a process that achieves a level of toughness usually associated with expensive and scarce tropical hardwoods.

Wood is an aesthetically appealing material for flooring purposes, but its beauty has always had to be balanced against its wear properties. Over the years many finishes have been tried in an effort to toughen the surface. Many of these ended up going head to head with the other key criterion for successful flooring – slip resistance. Some years ago an American system using a coating of aluminium oxide lacquer seemed to have cracked the problem, until it was found that the natural “give” in the cellular structure of wood was incompatible with such an inflexible finish. It tended to shatter and craze under severe use. Xtreme Timber Flooring is a material with a traditional oak look, designed for areas of high footfall. It achieves its exceptional toughness by working with, not against the cellular structure of the oak. The process removes the sap and air from the body of the plank, and replaces it with a resilient liquid acrylic. The result is an incredibly durable plank that also scores high on the vital slip-resistance scale. The planks are just 12.7mm thick, which makes them easier to abut stone or ceramic tiles. If you’d like to discuss ideas for using timber flooring in your next project, give me a call for a chat!